Global Payment Solution

With ByteTrade Blockchain, transfers and payments between any part of the world can be completed in just one second. With the consensus mechanism of consensus before packing, the transaction is irreversible and there is no need to wait for confirmation. Consumer-level transaction processing capabilities empower most scenarios.

Lightning transaction speed

Lightning transaction speed


With the advanced consensus mechanism, the transaction based on ByteTrade Blockchain only takes 1 second to complete, meeting the needs of high-immediacy business.

Irreversible transaction


The consensus before packing mechanism makes the transactions irreversible. There is no need to wait for the confirmation, which greatly improves the efficiency of capital flow.

Global deployment


The 11 nodes of ByteTrade Blockchain are deployed in 11 cities of 8 countries on 4 continents. Route optimization is carried out for network environments in different regions.

Stable 10,000-level TPS


Achieve the high speed of the ByteTrade Blockchain and strong network performance at the same time. Under the pressure test, it can achieve tens of thousands of TPS to easily fit into most business scenarios.

Solution Services

SDK suite

SDK suite greatly reduces the partner's docking threshold and saves time and effort

Professional technical support team

Veteran engineers follow the project all the way, proving instant responses to ensure the quick project launch.

Network monitoring

Realtime network health monitoring enables the rapid response to emergencies, ensuring stable online operation

Free upgrade

Free access to the infrastructure upgrade of the ByteTrade Blockchain

Pre-sale Consultation

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