Decentralized Exchange Solution

Decentralized exchange based on ByteTrade Blockchain is an open source service, supporting full platform - Web, Android and iOS, and flexible choices of private and cloud deployment. Professional project manager and sales engineer provide full progress tracking, tutorials, technical training, pre-sales & after-sales customer service.

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Solution Advantages

Cross chain


The first cross-chain decentralized exchange, supporting ETH, ERC20, BTC, BCH, LTC, DOGE, CMT, CRC20, NAKA and other mainstream blockchain assets, and will continue to expand the scope.

Decentralized trade


Order matching and settlement are on the blockchain, and the user can trace all historical transactions through the block explorer, which provides the security and transparency.

Absolute asset security


User assets are locked in the smart contract/script of their respective blockchains. Multi-rounds of security audit by SlowMist and transparent block explorer protect asset security comprehensively.

Lightning transaction speed


Thanks to the powerful ByteTrade Blockchain, DEX can achieve a second-level trading experience. Order match and settlement can be completed in an average of 1 second, infinitely close to the centralized trading experience.

Professional trading interface


Professional K-line and indicator tools. Order book has multi-precision merger display

Excellent UI/UX design


Professional UED team updates products iteratively, providing an industry-leading user experience

Solution Services

Fast track of coin listing

Premium partners can list coins faster and has a free market creation quota

Professional market maker

You can choose ByteTrade professional market maker, delivering depth and liquidity to your exclusive market.

Full-time technical support team

Product Manager + Sales Engineer provide you full support in all aspects of product, operation and maintenance.

Customized development

Optional customized development services include demand assessment, functional prototype, UI design, development test and delivery.

Pre-sale Consultation

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