Cross-Chain Solution

ByteTrade Blockchain is positioned to solve the problem of value exchange in the blockchain world. We have realized the unimpeded value exchange between Bitcoin, Ethereum, BitcoinCash, LiteCoin, CyberMiles and many other blockchains.

Solution Advantages

Support most cryptocurrencies


ByteTrade has now completed anchoring of most blockchain assets and realized the value exchange of assets. More blockchains will be supported in 2019.

Better cross chain mechanism


ByteTrade Blockchain implements a more complete asset anchoring mechanism at the blockchain level, making horizontal compatibility with other third-party blockchains possible. User assets are locked by multi-signing, making it more secure.

Value circulation hub


Through ByteTrade, the assets of different blockchains can circulate within the decentralized network, helping the project open up the circulating channel of unique assets and mainstream coins.

Solution Services

Continuous cross-chain upgrade

ByteTrade will continue to invest in research and development to ensure continuous upgrade of cross-chain

R&D team support

The team's core R&D engineers track and assist the whole process

Corresponding product service

Enjoy priority access privileges to ByteTrade eco-related products and services

Exclusive customer service

Instant response to technical problems and online failures to ensure stable product operation.

Pre-sale Consultation

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