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Our white label solutions are designed to save your time and costs.
Run your own blockchain products in minutes.

With our advanced white label blockchain solutions, you will receive state-of-the-art product customized to suit your needs. That's not all, our cutting-edge blockchain coupled with top of the line security features offer stellar performance for worry-free transactions.

Decentralized Exchange Solution

The decentralized exchange based on ByteTrade Blockchain will be used as an open source service, providing Web, Android, and iOS full-platform application, and flexible for privatization and cloud deployment.

Global Payment Solution

Transfers or payments between any part of the world can be completed in just one second. The transaction is irreversible and there is no need to wait for confirmation. Consumer-level transaction processing capabilities empower most functional scenarios.

On-chain Games Solution

The mature and rich blockchain game matrix. The game process is on blockchain. The multi-factor random number generation algorithm ensures fairness, and the user self-verification function guarantees transparency and fairness. With the high performance of ByteTrade Blockchain, it is able to support the high speed, high TPS and high immediacy of games.

Cross-Chain Solution

ByteTrade Blockchain is positioned to solve the problem of value exchange in the blockchain world. We have realized the unimpeded value exchange between Bitcoin, Ethereum, BitcoinCash, LiteCoin, CyberMiles and many other blockchains.

Modular product, easy to dock

Create extensive customized blockchain products built by our seasoned blockchain engineers to join the Billion dollar revolution that’s coming your way.

Decentralized Exchange

Cross-chain currency support

Based on ByteTrade Blockchain, the DEX now supports BTC, ETH, ERC20, USDT, BCH, LTC, CMT, CRC20, NAKA, etc., and will support more currencies

Fair and transparent

Order creation, cancellation, matching and transaction details are recorded on the blockchain, which is open, transparent and easy to audit.

Ultimate transaction speed

Blockchain-based transactions can be completed in less than 2 seconds, close to the experience of a centralized exchange

Privacy security

User private key is kept by user. There is no need to conduct KYC before trading and thus protect user privacy

Token Swap

Simple and convenient

Designed to meet the quick-exchange of small assets, one click to complete the exchange between BTC and USDT

Fast and safe

The exchange is completed within 5 seconds, and the transaction is recorded on the blockchain

Decentralized Wallet

Offline encryption

The user's private key is kept by user and is stored offline locally after multiple encryption to ensure security

Full platform SDK

Easy to access Web, Android and iOS multi-platform SDK

Multi-currency support

Inherited the cross-chain features from ByteTrade Blockchain, the wallet supports multi-chains, and is under continuous improvement

Modular extensible function

Wallet, transaction, game, DAPP and other functions are modular and easy to extend

Decentralized Applications

Rich type

Involved in games, social, financial, tools and other fields

Excellent experience

All based on ByteTrade Blockchain, fast and stable performance. Excellent UI design and art design, both practical and playable


Modular split, one-click control of DAPPs, easy to manage

Fair and verifiable

The lottery algorithms of the games are combined with the blockchain hash calculation. The random number generation algorithm is open source, and the user can conduct self-verification

Know Your Customer

Optional features

Functions can be customized according to local policies and business needs of the operators


Provide complete management tools to make KYC approval for users

Smart Contract Audit

Contract Development Experience

The development team has extensive experience in smart contract development and provides a full range of security audit services

Blockchain Development Experience

The self-developed ByteTrade Blockchain gives us a wealth of technical experience


Fast implementation

Combining the needs and business characteristics of the project, the ByteTrade development team quickly builds the underlying architecture and completes the series of side chain construction and smart contract development

Asset tokenization

According to the features of the project, the asset could be tokenized and we can assist in the analysis of tokenization

Ecological resources

The trading system, wallet system and DAPP system in the ByteTrade ecosystem can be seamlessly connected to help launch your project

Liquidity Support

Automated market maker

Automatic ordering and trading, providing basic liquidity and depth to the market

Hedge ordering

When the user trades the mainstream cryptocurrency, the same amount of asset hedging is automatically completed at the head exchanges

Mirroring fluctuation

The system automatically mirrors the market depth of other head exchanges and replenishes the depth of the market

Trading & Mining

Strong operational support

Compatible with the mainstream "trading & mining" mechanism. The workload is calculated based on the volume

Token Economy

Token issurance models can be customized according to the different project strategy

Stake & Dividend

Based on blockchain

Stake tokens on the blockchain and enjoy dividends and can check through the block explorer

Flexible collection method

According to the business needs, the dividends can be automatically issued or manually collected

Global business, Global deployment

11 super nodes are deployed in 8 countries, serving our users and partners all around the globe.

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